Robin's Nest
Robin's Nest - 1989 Catalina 25
Sail # 5820
.Exterior & Interior

.Fishfinder Installation
Outboard Bracket
Bunk Extension
Robin's Nest is my first boat after being out of sailing for over 20 years.  High school thru college and first years of working, I first sailed a 13' Flying Junior, then bought a new.13' Banshee and then a used 16' Luger. I sailed on the south shore of Long Island in the South Bay between the south shore and Jones Beach.  In 1980, after being married for 2 years, my wife and I bought a brand new 1980 ODay 23' and we kept that boat in Huntington Harbor on the north shore of Long Island for 5 years. The sailing waters were in the Long Island Sound with the big boys.  We then moved to Northern Virginia in 1985 and sold our boat the same week we sold our home.

I bought Robin's Nest in September 2005. It is a tall rig, winged keel Catalina 25. We are sailing it out of the northern end of the Potomac River. Our sailings always start and end with National Reagan Airport, the Washington Monument and the Capitol in view.
Solar Vent & Solar Panel
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List of Mtn &
Cabin VBerth Hull Fittings Enclosure & Storage Shelf
Switch Panel, Battery Charger & Fans
New Quantum Main & 150 Genoa - 2008
Marina Area
National Stadium (2/24/08) 
Before Offiical Opening
New Table & Shelves
Blister Repair         and Waterproofing
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Window/Port Replacement
Exterior & Int. 
2019 & Later
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