A few years ago, started project to strip decades of varnish and apply teak oil to the companionway boards & trim. Made Sunbrella covers to protect against UV and contaminants/rain. Used snaps lining up with existing snaps on perimeter of companionway. (Covers shown below teak oil photos.). Spring 2019 completed same for all exterior wood.
Exterior & Interior Photos - July 2019
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Also made covers for coamings using Sunbrella mate, dowels held in with grommets and Spring Clamps to hold in place.
Replaced Marinco-Nicro Fan Jun 2019.  Many years ago, I bought a Nicro Vent on sale, purchased the $12 extended warranty and since these fans have failed every 2 years or so, I return it and get a replacement for free and a new ext warranty ! This has worked for me since original fan was $99 and they continue to base the new ext warranty on my original purchase price !  These days,  a new Vent is very costly and the ext warranty, proportionately much more costly.    Have noticed that Marinco has made substantial improvements to this latest upgraded Vent design - Still fits original hole. but old support plate must be removed.
~ 2018. Replaced cockpit cushions.  Also, all interior upholstery replaced with Sunbrella matl !
Spring 2019. - Replaced Porta-Potti and made supports to hold in-place.