Battery Charger

Installed a Guest Pro 5+5 amp dual battery charger in Fall06.  Positive wires are hooked up independently to both battery's positive terminals.  Then a negative wire is hooked up to one of the battery negative terminals since both terminals are connected thru a negative jumper cable.
New Switch Panel, Mast Rewiring and Fans
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New BEP 8 Circuit Breaker/Switch Panel installed.  Fans installed. Mast wiring replaced, new deck/steam light fixture installed. Anchor light replaced with OGM LED Photo-Diode light that turns off in daylight. Mast wiring in cabin replaced and re-routed to new switch panel. Fans and cabin lights also on new switch panel. Existing switch panel, under the steps, functioning for VHF Radio and new DC Plug outlet located forward in main cabin and existing DC outlet, under the steps. Fishfinder switch also on existing, original switch panel.  Fans are Scirroco Caframo fans, multi-directional with 3 speeds and 2-6 hr timer shutoff or continuously on or off. Mast wiring was replaced utilizing Anchor brand Mast wire which has 5 wire strands. 3 used for positives to anchor, deck & steaming lights, One wire strand is the negative wire and the 5th wire was used as a positive lead to the forward main cabin fan located on the cabin mast column, Since these fans are multi-directional, the fan can swing out, locked and angled down to provide cooling to the VBerth area and forward main cabin area.  the 2bd fan is located in the quarterberth area normally kept flush to the cabin side, locked, but when utilized, can be swing out and angled appropriately to service the quarter berth and aft main cabin area. These two fans are excellent - quiet, low amp draw and when used, mostly in the low setting , sometimes medium setting but not needed in the high setting.