Blister Repair and Waterproofing
Boat hauled out and pressure washed end of Oct2011 at Fort Washington Marina on the Potomac River. Then was put on blocks at Fiberglass Fabircators location adjacent to the marina. Major/most visible blisters were opened up same day as boat put on blocks but then because of various county, marina, etc inspections and cleanups required including chopping up some derelict boats, Fiberglass Fabricators stopped working on boats for a long period of time.

23-27JAN12 timeframe: 90% of the anti-fouling paint was removed/sanded off the hull. This next week, a total sanding will again be accomplished to uncover/open remaining blisters.
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18FEB12  This week good progess has been made and it appears they will be working almost full time to complete the repairs, waterproofing and application of anti-fouling paint.  Most of the blisters were uncovered this week and as they were sanded down their endpoints seem to grow requiring removal of gelcoat and first layer of fiberglass laminate. All repairs to the blisters are going to be accomplished by fiberglassing the areas (fiberglass matte and resin). Most areas have now been fiberglassed and sanding/contouring the areas has begun.
1MAR12  Excellent progress was made this past week. Once the repair areas were fiberglassed and then sanded to the contour of the hull, the waterproofing barrier coats (Interlux Interprotect)  started being applied. These coatings were applied one after the other before each coat fully cured. In that way, no sanding was necessary between coats escept after it rained one day.  Today, Micron Extra Coplymer multi-year anti-fouling paint was being applied to once side of the hull. The starboard side of the hull still had to have an addl barrier coat applied. All 7 barrier coats and 2-3 coats of the anti-fouling paint should be completed in the next day or two.  Then ready to go !!  Once completed, I'll make the arrangements which day within next week or so to have the travel arm transport the boat to the water and then I'll be on my way back to my marina !!
3MAR12 (Saturday) - Hull bottom blister repair and waterproofing was completed. If weather and schedule permits, anticipate travel arm transferring boat back to waterside, this coming Wednesday/Thursday and sailing boat back to my marina either Friday or Saturday.